Legal Aid Solicitors

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Criminal Legal Aid Solicitors

Solicitors, who are legal practitioners just like lawyers, advise on clients’ legal cases (ranging from personal matters to criminal matters) in court. The job of a criminal legal aid solicitor is not well known to many of us. This article will help to eliminate your doubts as it includes some important questions and answers regarding criminal legal aid solicitors.

What are Criminal legal aid solicitors?

Criminal legal aid solicitors are part of the criminal legal aid system. They are affiliated with the state to fight for the legal rights of the defendants who are not in a position to hire a lawyer or personal injury lawyer dublin. A criminal legal aid solicitor provides legal advice on criminal matters and carries out special research to defend their clients. 

How are criminal legal aid solicitors different from criminal defense lawyers?

While both criminal lawyers and criminal legal aid solicitors are qualified practitioners in the area of criminal law, they function differently to help their clients. Criminal lawyers advise their clients on their ongoing criminal cases and perform all the necessary duties to save them from going behind bars. They support them throughout the court trials and make sure to persistently preserve their legal rights. A criminal legal aid solicitor is substantially another form of the lawyer who deals with similar responsibilities as a criminal defense lawyer, but they are directly associated with the government to grant criminal legal aid to defenders who are charged with a crime.

When do you need a criminal legal aid solicitor?

If you have been facing charges for an offense or are deceitfully accused of having committed a crime while also unable to fulfill the expense of a criminal defense lawyer, you are liable to get a criminal legal aid solicitor to defend your rights in court and prevent yourself from prosecution.

What are the offenses that criminal legal aid solicitors cover?

A person is entitled to get a solicitor for legal aid if they have any kind of criminal charge against them. But in most cases, the possibility of hiring a criminal legal aid solicitor gets easier if the crime is not extremely violent. Some of the common criminal cases that criminal legal aid solicitors handle include the following:

  • theft
  • fraud
  • tax evasion
  • assault
  • sexual offense
  • drug-related crimes

How can criminal legal aid solicitors help you in court?

Criminal legal aid solicitors and criminal defense lawyers come from the same field of law. Criminal legal aid solicitors are legal experts; they possess the same knowledge as criminal defense lawyers and compensation claims solicitors. Hence, they guide their clients in following their legal needs and representing them during court proceedings. 

What is the cost of hiring a criminal legal aid solicitor?

Generally, legal aid is granted to a person suspected of committing a crime but in a state of financial loss. Hence, hiring a criminal legal aid solicitor might not require fees.

How to hire a criminal legal aid solicitor?

The procedure of hiring them is different from hiring divorce solicitors or a criminal lawyer who works in both public and private matters. Criminal legal aid solicitors work with the help of public funding, so they cannot be hired just by using a simple online consultation. To hire a criminal legal aid solicitor, one must fulfill specific criteria set by legal aid agencies in criminal cases.

Following are the factors which are considered for the eligibility of a defender.

  • Personal details- Before moving forward to hiring a criminal legal aid solicitor, the legal aid agency will ask for your full personal information, such as your source of income, expenses, family history, and so on. The agency will also ensure that the defendant can only avail of the eligibility if their living expenses are lower than average. 
  • Passporting- In some cases, the legal aid agency is unlikely to consider other criteria if the defendant completes passporting. Further, if the defendant is under the age of 18, they will be granted additional financial support as a minor.
  • Category of the crime- Generally, the legal aid agency does not grant solicitors if the crime is very serious. Criminal legal aid solicitors are intended to defend the defendants who are innocent and do not hold any record of conviction in the past.