Guide for launching your ride-hailing business instantly

The indulgence of people in the on-demand ride-hailing services has increased the number of apps. Ride-hailing and food delivery businesses are the fastest growing sectors and are equally competitive. Generally, people prefer on-demand bikes and taxi to commute to work or any other personal purposes. Though the marketplace of ride-hailing business is expanding exponentially, there is a lot of scope for budding entrepreneurs.

Steps to bring your dream business plan into reality

  • Audit your business requirements

Only after knowing whether there is demand for a particular service or product one can start a business. In this regard, know the demand for ride-hailing services in the target area. Since most people own vehicles, it is important to know whether there prevails the demand for private ride-hailing services among them.

The first stage of analysis comprises knowing the demand among users, demographics of target users, and the online surveys.

The second stage is all about analyzing the competitors in your target area. You can gain key inputs if you analyze the business offerings of your competitors. Most importantly, you can infuse a dash of uniqueness in your business only after knowing your competitors’ offerings.

After accomplishing both stages, you can head to choose the niche market for your business.

  • Target a niche market

In the previous step, you will just frame an initial set of plans for your business. The Ride-hailing business, in general, comprises bike services and taxi services. Some people prefer bikes as they are easy to commute in traffic. While the other set of people will prefer taxi for convenience and who travel in groups. So, you have to shortlist a niche based on the demand. 

There are businesses that offer both bike and taxi services, which helps to maintain a large user base. Again, in the selected niche, you have to identify the competitors and study their offerings.

  • Business model

Whether you opt for bike or taxi services, you need to select a particular business model. If you are planning for a budget business model, then the aggregator model will be suitable for you. Yes, because this model works on the basis of mapping the requests that arrive on your platforms. Also, this type of business model will discard the necessity to invest in hiring drivers or vehicles. 

Another category of business model is about establishing your own ride-hailing business. You will completely own the drivers, fleets and other resources. Thus, the selection of the business model relies on your budget. 

  • Roll out an MVP

The purpose of rolling out an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is to understand your users one step better. If you launch a fully functional app at one go, you will have fewer chances of making the modifications. Whereas if you choose to deploy the MVP, you can know the performance of the app and make the changes accordingly.

So, consider launching the MVP that has the very fundamental elements for booking. Once you launch the MVP, you can collect valid information regarding the likes and dislikes of the users as well as the overall performance of the app.

  • Frame a plan for promoting your app

In order to have a concrete presence among the users, you must promote your business/application. First of all, allocate the budget and decide the channels for promotion. After that, you can run campaigns or perform influencer marketing, etc., 

These are the steps that are affiliated with starting an online ride-hailing business. Next, we shall see in detail the method of app development.

White-label ride-hailing app - An efficient method of app development

Uber clone app development can also be quoted as developing the ride-hailing app on a lean budget. The total budget requirements are less as the app is pre-built. But if you choose to develop your app from scratch, you will definitely have to spend more time and finance. Thus, Uber clone is a quick and cost-effective app solution.

 Other advantages that come along with this method of app development are customizability and white-labelling. The moment your app development is completed, the company will white-label the app for the purpose of giving you full ownership.

What are the guaranteed revenue channels?

Basically, in the aggregator business model, your income in the form of commissions is guaranteed. Next to commission charges, you have various subscription models to include, which will add your income. For instance, you can add the freemium subscription model, where some features are paid and others are free.

Final thoughts

If you follow the aforementioned type of clone app development, you can start running your business in a matter of a few days. The trend in the ride-hailing marketplace keeps transfiguring from time to time. So, be aware of the trend and incorporate them into your business. The stage is all yours! All the best!


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