PANIC- Kyrillos Saber’s New Masterpiece Ready to Blow Away the Minds of Hip-Hop Lovers

PANIC- Kyrillos Saber’s New Masterpiece Ready to Blow Away the Minds of Hip-Hop Lovers

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything” –Plato

The power that music possesses is unmatched. It doesn’t just lift the mood, but it makes people feel certain emotions that cannot be put into words. Acting as ‘an explosive expression of humanity,’ music can express the inexpressible and often acts as a form of communication between individuals.

The world has welcomed certain music artists who have played their fair share by creating powerful music pieces cherished for a long time. Many people dream of making a name in the music industry, yet, the nature of modern consumers has only handpicked a few who have been able to make a name in the music world. Among such talented individuals is Kyrillos Saber, a rising singer making his way to the top.

An Aspiring Music Artist

Releasing in 2021, PANIC is a music album that is an amalgamation of Kyrillos’s skillset. Kyrillos is not just a great singer but also a rapper, hip-hop artist, songwriter, actor, producer, scriptwriter, and a music video director, basically an all-rounder. The 12 track EP is a complete package for hip-hop lovers that is ready to captivate the audience with its melodious lyrics and captivating beats. Kyrillos’s ability to fuse English-Arabic lyrics is what makes his singing style unique.

“Middle East Rich” and “Suicide” are the two songs of the album that has already been released as part of the advertising. The songs, through their eccentric style, have created a stir among hip-hop lovers. What’s more interesting is that the music album is a complete product of the talented artist. From the beats to the lyrics and the final music production, Kyrillos has done it all.

Kyrillos’s music journey, however, started with the release of ‘Screw You.’ The song was extremely special since it was his first attempt at music as well as other music responsibilities that he decided not to outsource. The multi-talented artist was able to gain thousands of views on Youtube, which made his first song extremely well-celebrated and laid the foundations for his music journey.

Since the start of his music journey, Kyrillos was clear about writing, directing, and producing his own songs. He tried hiring professional beat makers initially, yet, none of them were doing justice to the music Kyrillos had imagined in his mind. He then had a moment of realization that made him take his entire music production in his hands. The dedication of the committed artist craving perfection in his songs led to the introduction of Kyrillos Saber World, a music production company owned by Kyrillos. His single ‘Jumping High’ and the rest of the songs are all a product of his own music company.

A Versatile Artist

Born on July 14, 1989, in Cairo, Egypt, Kyrillos is a versatile artist. The entertainment industry was something that he was always passionate about. His interest would often make him entertain his family and friends, and due to his lively personality, he was everybody’s favorite.

The church he visited in his childhood used to have plays each Christmas. When he was 7, one of the actors didn’t show up, and Kyrillos was asked to perform in his place. That acting moment sparked interest in him and made him realize his love for in front of the audience. Since then, Kyrillos acted in all church plays and, along with that, tried his luck in the professional acting industry as well.

At the age of 15, Kyrillos was offered his first professional acting opportunity in St. Bishoy. Being in front of the audience gave him an ecstatic feeling that put a stamp on what he wanted to do in life. In no time, he landed another opportunity in St. Hermena, strengthening his path. At such a young age, Kyrillos’s acting skills had convinced the Egyptian audience that he is here to conquer it all. However, there was a shift when Kyrillos, along with his family, moved to the United States. Being in a new country surrounded by new people, he struggled to get a spot in the entertainment industry.

As a result of his obstacles in the acting world, Kyrillos started searching for other entertainment sector opportunities. It was then when it hit him-what about a career in the music industry? While being in the business, Kyrillos had closely observed the music life. It was something that inspired him, and since he was already aware of his euphonious voice, Kyrillos decided to give it a shot.

However, with his successful entry into the music industry, Kyrillos did not give up on his music career. Along with music, he has side by side appeared in movies, making a separate American fan base. The Nest Of Vampires, Die Die Delta Pi, Shit Stew, End Survival, Necrophilia 1, Mercy, Amber Road, The Last Bounty, Blood Thirst, and recently released odd are some of his acting pieces that have established Kyrillos as a promising actor.

Kyrillos, with his devoted work ethic, has enabled him to establish a huge fan base globally. Whether it is music or acting, Kyrillos gives his 100% to all, making sure not to leave out on any opportunity. His upcoming music album PANIC has already created waves among the music fanatics. With his pace of success in the entertainment industry, there is no doubt in the fact that Kyrillos will soon be known as the multi-talented artist who creates perfection in everything he does.