The ReadiVet Dallas Community

The ReadiVet Dallas Mobile Vet community offers on-demand veterinary care in the comfort of your home. From vaccines to sick care, they'll take care of all your pet's needs. They can provide services for both feline and canine patients. Licensed veterinarians conduct the exams and treatments.

ReadiVet is a full-service veterinary practice

ReadiVet in Dallas offers a full range of veterinary services, including vaccines and sick care. It offers canine and feline care, and has licensed veterinarians on staff. You can even visit your pet in the comfort of your home. ReadiVet also offers In Home Vet Care service.

The practice started with a single veterinarian, but it quickly expanded and now has more than two veterinarians on staff. In addition to in-clinic services, the practice also offers pet pick-up and drop-off services. This allows you to keep your pet at home and avoid the hassle of bringing it to a clinic. Additionally, staff veterinarians are available to provide consultations in the office as needed.

ReadiVet's on-demand veterinary services model is similar to telehealth services. Using an online booking system, clients can schedule an appointment online or over the phone. They can also ask questions about their pets before scheduling the visit. The veterinarians will then come to their client's home to treat their pets. This eliminates the stress and anxiety of visiting a hospital, and follows COVID safety protocols.

It offers on-demand care in the comfort of your home

ReadiVet Dallas has two locations in the Dallas area and plans to open four more in the next year. It offers on-demand care to pets in need of a veterinarian. Unlike traditional clinics, ReadiVet vets provide individual attention and treatment to clients. This makes vet visits less stressful and more pleasant for pet owners. The company is also committed to keeping costs down and providing high-quality care.

ReadiVet Dallas is a startup company that provides on-demand care to pet owners throughout the DFW area. The company employs six veterinarians in two locations and is actively recruiting new vets to join the team. It offers on-demand care in the comfort of clients' homes, which allows pet owners to save time and money.

ReadiVet Dallas currently employs six veterinarians in the Dallas area, and it plans to hire two more veterinarians in the coming year. It aims to hire 25 veterinarians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area within two years. The company is a great option for pet owners who are busy and can't get their beloved pet to the vet.

It offers a local gift card

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It has 24 employees

Currently, the Dallas-Fort Worth location has six veterinarians and plans to add two more in the next year. The company recently raised $2.5 million from investors including Atlanta Seed Company, Martin Ventures and Jemison Capital. The money will be used to hire more veterinarians and expand its service lines. The company will also be developing its technology platform.


The startup's goal is to provide an affordable and convenient experience for animal owners. They have two locations in the Dallas Design District and expect to expand into other areas. They are currently hiring veterinarians and are seeking people who have a passion for helping people. There are two openings in Dallas, so if you're interested in applying, don't delay.