Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Looking at the current trend, hardwood flooring is becoming more popular. It's preferred by some because of the timeless appeal of wood, while others like it for its low maintenance and frequent cleaning needs.

Hardwood flooring in Jacksonville, FL, is a timeless investment that improves the look and value of any home, old or new. Wooden floors are more expensive than carpet or linoleum, but they may last a lifetime with proper care and occasional repairs.

Reasons Why Hardwood Floors Are the Best Choice for Your Home:

1. Simple Upkeep, Simple Cleaning

The maintenance for hardwood flooring is minimal. Any dust or filth that has settled on them may be easily removed by sweeping, steam cleaning, or vacuuming. Think about how great it would be if you could reduce the frequency with which you cleaned your floors without sacrificing protection against allergens like dust and dander. In addition to being simpler to clean than carpets, wood floors are also more resistant to stains. 

2. Durability

The longevity of hardwood floors is another advantage. Wood floors have a reputation for being extremely durable, yet their actual durability depends on a wide range of factors. To remove scuffs, scratches, and general wear and tear, a solid hardwood floor may be sanded and refinished numerous times without compromising the floor's structural integrity. Hardwood flooring, if well-kept, may survive for many decades, if not centuries.

3. Increase Home's Resale Price

When it comes time to sell, buyers are willing to spend more money for a property with hardwood flooring than one with carpet. Some individuals with allergies avoid carpets others have walked on because they see them as a breeding ground for allergens. 

This is why they are considering buying a property without carpet since they want to install hardwood flooring. Therefore, installing hardwood flooring is a good investment if you ever need to sell your home.

4. Improved Quality of Air

Hardwood flooring is healthier for those with allergies since it doesn't harbor allergens like carpet. As a result, improving the quality of the air in your home is a lot less of a hassle. Allergy patients typically need wood flooring.

Unlike carpet, which has individual fibers, tile and laminate have distinct grout lines and embossing but no such texture. This embossing and grouting is an ideal spot for accumulating dust and other allergens.

5. Can Be Refinished

On wood flooring, it's a simple matter. This flooring option saves money in the long run since it doesn't need to be updated as often as carpet or tile. Because of this, you may avoid spending money on new flooring and save time and effort by not having to shop for or install it. 

If you've just purchased a property but aren't crazy about the flooring, you could always sand it down and give it a fresh coat of stain. It's as simple as that, and it won't cost nearly as much as a complete replacement.

Hardwood flooring in Jacksonville, FL, has several advantages. You can reach out to Empire Kitchen & Bath specialists immediately if you have any questions or would like more information. Their experts are eager to assist you with your next flooring installation.