Best BBQ Singapore

How to Pick the Best BBQ in Singapore?

Craving for charred meat bits? Why not plan your BBQ night out and enjoy the aroma of grilled meat in the air as you wander around with your loved ones? Not only meat, but you can also grill corn, vegetables, and potatoes as you cater to the different tastes of your crowd. However, hosting a BBQ party in your garden or any outdoor venue is not as tiresome as you thought it would be if you partner up with the best BBQ grill. Barbequing has evolved far more greatly with the invention of high-quality grills that ensure the flavourful taste of tender meat and fresh vegetables. If you plan to host the next grill party, read on to discover the best BBQ in Singapore to suit your grilling needs. Keep the following tips in mind when you buy a BBQ grill for outdoor BBQ.


Which Type of Fuel Do You Use?

BBQ fuel is what enhances the taste of grilled food. Charcoal is the most common fuel used when barbequing due to its versatility. Charcoal adds a distinctive smoky flavour to your grilled food. However, charcoal grills consume more cooking time than gas and electric grills. Therefore, they are perfect for grilling hotdogs, burgers, or steaks, which consume less cooking time than meat. 


A gas grill is more convenient to use and cooks the food fast. You can adjust the heat to suit the temperature requirements of different food. For instance, complicated dishes such as pizza and pork require different temperature levels and cooking times and can be better cooked if left on a gas-grilling surface.


You can also choose electric BBQ grills over both charcoal and gas grills. It is easy to maintain and relatively less expensive. There is no need for fuel. You can take the grill to any place you like as long as there is a power outlet nearby to supply electricity. 


Size of the BBQ Grill

Consider the size of the BBQ grill to fit the outdoor venue, the number of people that would gather, and the budget. For instance, if you serve many people, you need to look for a BBQ grill with multiple burners since you can feed them all at once. It will also save time and will not disappoint hungry souls. In addition, you can go for a simple BBQ grill with one burner for a family of three or four and enjoy delicious BBQ recipes. Moreover, if you do not use the BBQ grill very often, it is better to go for a smaller model.


Materials of the BBQ grill

When choosing your BBQ grill, you need to consider the quality of your material as you use it under high cooking temperatures. You may experience regular breakdowns if you use BBQ grills made of poor materials available at cheap prices. One of the best options available in the market is stainless steel, which can resist high temperatures. 


Cooking Ability

Look for different cooking options available when purchasing a new BBQ grill. In addition to grilling, other options available are smoking, roasting, boiling, frying, and baking. Keep these things in your mind as you pick the right BBQ grill.


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