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How Does PEMF Therapy For Dogs & Horses Work?

We now have more resources and treatment options than ever before for giving our pets, like dogs, cats & horses, the care they need. Alternative therapies open up a whole spectrum of possibilities to ensure that our animal companions stay healthy and happy. Therefore, Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is one option. 

PEMF therapy is used to treat patients as it employs a magnetic field. Various conditions in dogs and horses, such as pain, edema, arthritis, bone loss, and anxiety, can benefit from PEMF. Additionally, it can help with fracture. 

In this post, we will discuss the essential things you should know about PEMF therapy for dogs and PEMF horse therapy.

What is PEMF therapy for animals?

PEMF therapy is a non-painful treatment that improves blood flow and gives your animal's cells a "cellular workout." Ions are found in these cells. The ions slow down when the body is under stress or is hurt. The healing process becomes more challenging as a result.


PEMF is a non-invasive therapy that pulses an electrical impulse at a predetermined (but adjustable) frequency and strength to create a magnetic field around the body's cells. The impulse interacts with the ions in a particular cell, speeding up activity and the movement of oxygen and nutrients. 

When used on wounds, it can help to accelerate the removal of toxins and waste materials while also helping to jump-start and accelerate the healing process at the cellular level.

How does PEMF work?

  • It helps the body by reducing stress, discomfort, and inflammation.
  • Boost vitality, blood flow, oxygenation of the blood and tissues, stress, blood pressure, nutrient uptake, and cellular detoxification and regeneration.
  • Balance the immune system. 
  • Accelerate the healing of soft tissue and bone injury.
  • Relax Muscle.  

How does pulsed electromagnetic field therapy work?

Energy exists in all living things. PEMF uses this energy to balance and renew the body's cells. Electromagnetic frequencies are used by the cells in our body to interact. These complex communications regulate tissue processes, including respiration and metabolism.

PEMF activates the cells, causing the body to receive more oxygen, water, and nutrients. The pulses are applied to the animal's body via a loop. During the session, this loop can be moved around the body or fixed on a particular area. The therapist will have a range of loop sizes and can also change the machine's current output.

Moreover, they will prescribe the strength based on the veterinarian's recommendation for what would complement the other medications or treatments the animal is taking. This therapy has no adverse effects. Even the animals appear content and appreciate the experience. 

How does PEMF therapy for dogs work? 

  • PEMF therapy as a treatment.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has a wide range of applications. The FDA has given it the go-ahead to treat several ailments in people, and it has the same advantages for dogs. 

It is frequently used to treat wounds, bone injuries, arthritis, inflammation, and discomfort in dogs. It has been used to treat neurological problems, ligament injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Many older dogs have pain and discomfort, which is also reduced by electromagnetic field therapy.

The fact that PEMF therapy is risk-free and non-invasive is one of its key advantages. Contrary to medication or surgery, there are no adverse risks or side effects. It naturally stimulates the cells to support regular cell activity.

  • PEMF for arthritis and hip dysplasia. 

One of the most prevalent health issues in senior dogs is osteoarthritis, and over time, hip dysplasia develops in many large dog breeds. PEMF therapy for dogs can be beneficial for dogs with several chronic diseases. It has been used to treat conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis successfully.

These disorders result in ongoing discomfort and agony, and treating these symptoms frequently requires daily medication. In addition to being a secure substitute for giving your dog medication, it has been demonstrated to offer long-lasting rather than transient relief from arthritis symptoms.

  • PEMF makes healthy and happy dogs.

Although PEMF is a safe and efficient treatment for many health issues, it does more than only easing uncomfortable symptoms. It has several health advantages for dogs as well. Cellular regeneration and enhanced function are promoted by the electromagnetic fields and frequencies produced by PEMF.

Some of the health benefits of PEMF for dogs include better circulation, increased cell metabolism, improved energy production, and increased endurance.

For pet owners who enjoy being active, pulsed electromagnetic therapy is excellent. Electromagnetic field therapy is ideal for an active lifestyle if you want to run or hike with your dog.

Moreover, dogs adore it, too! Dogs are calmed and relaxed after PEMF treatments. They are lured to the mats or coils because the pulses comfort them. The FDA has approved pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to treat sadness and anxiety in humans, and it also benefits canines.

What is the advantage of PEMF horse therapy? 

Every horse owner's primary goal is to provide for their horses the best possible treatment. Horses should be treated like athletes. This is why taking good care of their muscles and recovering from exercise is crucial. A horse that doesn't heal properly won't be a happy athlete.

One of the best and most efficient strategies to avoid injuries and reduce hazards is muscle recovery which can be done with the help of PEMF horse therapy. Additionally, muscular rehabilitation enables your horse to build muscles, improve performance, and become more flexible.

Horses need a lot of muscular maintenance because they are athletes. PEMF horse therapy produces a pulsing electromagnetic field inside tubes that resemble hoses, which aids in the recovery of horses by promoting cell metabolism. The magnetic field propels the red blood cells toward the wounded or inflamed areas, which also increases the red blood cells' oxygen content.

Why does PEMF therapy for horses work so well?

Did you know that the equestrian world has long accepted PEMF therapy as a legitimate treatment? When broken legs needed to be healed, PEMF therapy was first employed in the US. To treat nonunion fractures, failed fusions, and congenital pseudarthrosis in people, the FDA approved PEMF therapy in 1979.

Before everyday exercise and competition, this therapy encourages relaxation. Additionally, PEMF horse therapy stimulates faster injury recovery, improves tendon tensile strength, decreases anxiety during transport, and improves general wellness.

What common issues have been successfully treated with PEMF therapy?

  • Desmitis (Inflammation of the ligaments)
  • Bone Bruise
  • Inflamed Joints
  • Sore Muscles
  • Suspensory ligament injuries
  • DDFT Damage (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Damage)

Does PEMF offer proven results? 

More than 200 scientific studies have been conducted to support pulsed electromagnetic treatment for animals. PEMF has been used on humans as well as animals recovering from surgery since it was FDA approved in 2004.

In the 1970s, veterinarians first used this procedure. It has long been used to help racehorses heal from damage to their muscles and bones in their legs.

In dogs, recovering from spinal injuries and surgery, pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been used successfully. 


Now, as you know, PEMF therapy can ease pain, swelling, and arthritis in your dog or horse and can also speed healing and calm anxiety. Moreover, discussing and seeking advice with your veterinarian gives you another effective way to enhance your animal's health and comfort.

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