10 Practical Tech Hints

10 Practical Tech Hints You'll Use Time and Time Again

Everyone appreciates a good trick. Regardless of how well we understand a program or tool, there almost always exists a shortcut we are unaware of. The same is true with hardware: We could use gadgets daily without being aware of their useful features.

Zoom is a fantastic example, which many Americans have just lately learned about.

If you're working from home, you can spend a lot of time in quarantine using the technology you currently own. You might be doing things "the hard way," yet you could be getting away with cutting corners for nothing.

Here are a few of my favorite well-known tech hacks, shortcuts, and tips for a variety of well-known applications and tools:

1. Insert your USB drive correctly the first time.

It seems obvious how to properly plug in a USB cord. So why do we consistently make mistakes on our initial try?

Here is the trick: Pick up any available USB cord in your home. Check out the symbol on the side. It goes beyond branding and decoration. If you plug in horizontally, that symbol will face up, and if you plug in vertically, the USB symbol will face you. You are aware now.

2. Reopen a closed tab in a browser

It frequently takes place. In your browser, you have a dozen tabs open, and you unintentionally close the wrong one. You may either do that with a few keystrokes or by opening the history of your browser and opening the tab from there.

On a computer, press Ctrl+Shift+T, or Command+Shift+T on a Mac, to immediately reopen the last tab you closed.

3. At a specific moment, share a YouTube video

You can obtain a link that sends viewers right to a specific point in a YouTube video if you notice anything in the video that you want to share at that exact time. The Share button is located beneath the video. Check the link's bottom for a checkbox. It will automatically display the time that the video is now stopped for you.

You can continue to use this time or pick a different one. Copy the link and send it to a friend via email or your chosen social network. The YouTube video will automatically jump to the specified moment when someone clicks the link.

4. Use the "Site:" search to locate stuff like a ninja.

Millions of results can be found with a Google search. By using Google's Site: function to conduct a single site-specific search, you can drastically reduce that. Open Google in your browser and enter the website you want to search for followed by "site:". Without quotation marks, type "site:komando.com".

It's not necessary to go to Google if you enter the "site:komando.com search keyword" in the address bar of your browser. Again, no need for quotation marks.

5. Report spam texts to expose crooks.

Junk texts are quite irritating. Although you can block them, acting also feels fantastic.

With just a few clicks, submit an SMS to the GSMA's Reporting Service. Send the message to 7726 (guess what that number stands for?). or simply click "Report trash" on your messaging program.

6. Voice-over in Google Docs

You probably already use the speech-to-text feature on your phone to dictate texts or even emails, but did you know that you can do the same in Google Docs? It's free and surprisingly effective.

Google Docs must be opened in a new window before Voice Typing can be turned on from the Tools menu. then begin to dictate. The commands "comma," "period," and "new paragraph" are also recognized by voice typing.

7. Disney Plus movie downloads

The rules for downloading and watching offline video content vary depending on the streaming service. Until 2016, Netflix was a significant holdout. Disney Plus, however, immediately gave users this choice. The menu's bottom has the download icon. You can download as many movies as your hard disc can hold using the Disney Plus app.

8. Resize a screenshot.

Screenshots are frequently taken; however, you frequently take more than you require. It can be dangerous to expose too much of your screen in a single image because it compromises your security. Instead, you can snap a screenshot that is carefully cropped to only include the information you need.

On a Mac, pressing Command + Shift + 5 will cause a rectangle to appear that you can edit as much as you like.

On Windows 10, go to Start, type "Snipping Tool" into the search bar, then press Enter. You will receive a comparable box that you can move to take on any shape on your screen as a result.

9. Lookup WhatsApp chats

Messages build up over time, regardless of the platform you use. We are searching for that one amusing remark or a crucial street address, but they have been swept away in a confusing wave. Although many users are unaware that you can search your messages like Google, WhatsApp may be the most downloaded software of the last decade.

There is a search bar for iOS versions and a search icon for Android versions. In any case, choose phrases that are particular to a given conversation to focus on the precise message you want to convey.

10. Retract an email.

Did you just send a message intended for one person that was intended for everyone? Gmail does, however, offer the option to change a setting before sending an email. To learn the exact instructions, tap or click here.

You can edit spelling problems, the recipient list, and the subject line, and even add lost attachments when you recall a letter.

Make careful to change the setting from the factory default of five seconds to a greater amount. Face it, five seconds isn't even enough time to recognize a mistake was made, much less press the un-send button. Gmail settings thankfully provide users the ability to pause email delivery for up to 30 seconds.

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