What Network is 0977

What Network is 0977? Whole Information

About the Network 0977:

The cell phone network of 0977 is either Globe Telecom or Touch Mobile. The prefix 0977 belongs to TM. TM is a mobile phone service brand of Globe Telecom that was launched in 2001.0977 is the cell phone prefix for the mobile number 09771234567. Thus phone prefixes will serve as your reference to check mobile phone number registration whether in, DITO GLOBE or SMART. This mobile phone prefix number is used in the Philippines.

We all have the awareness that in the Philippines the first 4 digits in an 11 digits mobile phone number determine the network of the number. Therefore in a number such as 09773217869, and 0977 help you to determine the network of cellular phone.

The mobile phone network prefix 0977 is not a smart number .SMART has their prefix and it can’t use 0977 because it practically belongs to Globe. But rarely 0977 might use as a smart number if owner of it applied for mobile phone portability (MNP). MNP help mobile postpaid or prepaid subscribers to stick on their existing cell phone number.

Network 0977 GLOBE / SMART:

It is not a smart number. Smart has their own prefix number .Smart can’t use 0977 prefix because it practically belongs to Globe.


0977 Mobile Network


0977 is it a TM Number?

0977 can be a TM Number because TM is a subsidiary of Globe. That is why some Touch Mobile numbers may start with the 0977 prefix.https://www.globeorsmart.com/img/5_body.png

Benefits of knowing the Network of cell phone Number:

There are several reasons to know about your mobile phone number Network:

  • As we know there are many mobile phones numbers in the country like DITO, SMART, GLOBE, TNT etc. Therefore by knowing the mobile phone number it will help you in determining the proper load promo you should avail.

  • Your prepaid mobile load as to what cell phone networks you call and text .Hence by knowing ones mobile phone network you can prevent yourself from using regular mobile load. Furthermore, there is a restriction in consuming

How to contact a TM or Globe Mobile Number:

If you are living in Philippines, you can call a cell phone number starting with 0977 by just keying in 0 and the remaining 10 digits. First of all you make sure that you have enough balance loads on your account to initiate the call.

How to buy LOAD for 0977 Network:

Every cell phone number requires a load for completion of its purpose .Following are  some ways about how to purchase  load for a Globe or TM number, specially which starts  with 0977.

  1. By Retailers: 7-Eleven is most popular store in Philippines as it comes to topping up your mobile phone numbers. They have a big variety of GLOBE and TM load denominations and promos to select .You may also buy this load from some sari- sari stores.

  2. By Using Mobile Phone Apps: Maya,  Lazard,  Shoppe and  Gash are some mobile applications .You can use these Apps to buy load .These Apps  offer discounts from time to time so, you can check on them more often.  

  3. By Trustful Websites: Todays, there are several online websites for selling mobile phone top-ups for Globe and TM. One can purchase from them   and pay using your account, credit or debit card. You just have to do research and make sure the site is legit. 

How you can check Your Globe Mobile Phone Balance:

  • You just simply Dial *143#.

  • Then press Number 7 for Balance inquiry.

  • Then Press send.    

  • A pop-up Modal will show existing mobile phone Balance.

Through Globe One APP:

  • Simply Download the Official Globe Telecom Mobile Application.

  • Then register your active cell phone number in this APP.

  • Then open the APP and see additional details of your mobile number including balance and its expiration date.

International Outlook for 0977 Network:       

If you’re in other country and want to call your beloved ones in Philippines with mobile number having the prefix 0977, you just have to replace the first number zero (0) with “+63”.

So, the International format of 0977 is +63977.

List of Mobile Phone Network in Philippines:

  • Sun Cellular

  • Cherry Mobile

  • Globe 

  • Smart

  • Touch Mobile

  • Talk N Text (TNT)

That’s why, it is important to know your cell phone Network. It helps you to know the load promo.

List of other Mobile Number Prefix Belong to GLOBE or TM:

  • Mobile Network; Globe (VOIP) Prefix: 0817

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0905

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0906

  • Mobile Network; Globe Prefix: 0915

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0916

  • Mobile Network; Globe Postpaid Prefix: 09173

  • Mobile Network; Globe Postpaid Prefix: 09175

  • Mobile Network; Glob Prefix: 09178

  • Mobile Network; Globe Postpaid Prefix: 09253

  • Mobile Network; Globe  Prefix: 09256

  • Mobile Network; Globe Postpaid Prefix: 09257

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0926

  • Mobile Network;  Touch Mobile Prefix: 0927

  • Mobile Network; Touch Mobile Prefix: 0935

  • Mobile Network; Globe Prefix: 0936

  • Mobile Network; Globe Prefix: 0945

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0955

  • Mobile Network; Globe  Prefix: 0965

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0966

  • Mobile Network; Touch Mobile Prefix: 0975

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0976

  • Mobile Network;  Touch Mobile Prefix: 0994

  • Mobile Network; Globe or Touch Mobile Prefix: 0995

Examples of Mobile Phone Numbers Starts with 0977:

  • 09773604312

  • 09770984513

  • 09777787315

  • 09770694612

  • 09770805342

  • 09771684523

  • 09772694462

  • 09773785812

  • 09771684312

 Future prediction about 0977 Network:    

Globe , Smart and new player DITO Telecomm unity signed an agreement with a company .It will allow their customers to keep their mobile phone numbers even if they decide to change their network(i.e. from globe to smart or smart to globe).

This is a joint venture among the three Telecommunication companies with the help of technology firm   to implement R.A No. 11202 also known as Mobile Number Portability. Through this law the people of Philippines may change their networks and shift from postpaid to prepaid subscription and vice versa.

They are trying to integrate their system within 18 months after setting up their support mechanism. This will be cheap for millions of people of Philippines as one will not need to purchase another card for company network .They just need to switch networks or shift from their subscription.

This is also helpful for customers to come in contact with their friends and beloved ones. This law promotes lifetime ownership of their cell phone numbers. A mobile phone number which starts from 0977 are Globe. Globe Telecom™ has complete authority to use this prefix for their SIM CARDS.


Prefix 0977 network is globe and TM. In Philippines mobile phone Result:    numbers which begin with 0977 are Part of TM Network. It is also known as TM Tam Bayan and was previously known as Touch Mobile.  numbers starting with 0977, regardless of rest digits were found to be TM numbers when checked by using the Mobile App Prefix PH.

We are hopeful that by reading this article you learn a much more about 0977 Network.