Delta Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Important Things to Know About Delta Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Flight delays are common and can occur at unexpected times. There are no federal rules requiring American airlines to pay passengers for regular delays.

However, each airline can define its policies for handling these types of situations.  For example, when flying with Delta Air Lines, the airline may in some circumstances pay inconvenienced passengers for expenses like an overnight hotel stay for delays that last overnight.

If you're going to book a ticket with Delta, you should review the delta airlines policies to understand what to expect with respect to flight delay compensation. There are some important things you need to be aware of:

1. No compensation for delays is required to be provided from airlines, including Delta:

Airlines are required to follow all regulations set down by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Additionally, according to the DOT, airlines are not required to compensate for delays on flights departing the United States.

Each airline may define its own policies for dealing with cancellations and delays. So before you go to the airport, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with your carrier's policies. Fortunately, Delta has a reputation for being generous, so you may be eligible for compensation if your flight is delayed.

2. Delta will inform passengers about delays:

Delta is committed to informing passengers of any possible delays, cancellations, or diversions. The airline will inform the customers of any changes to the flight's status within 30 minutes of becoming aware of them, as per its commitment to its customers.

Updates will be shown on boarding gate signs, flight information screens at airports, the Delta website, and the Delta app. It is always a good idea to monitor your flight's status so you'll know what to expect.

3. Delta will rebook your ticket on the next available flight:

Delta will automatically try to rebook you on the next flight if there is a delay, cancellation, or other operational problems. Additionally, the airline will try its best to rebook your checked baggage on the same flight.

4. You can request for compensation:

Ask a staff member if they would offer compensation if you experience extended delays or other substantial travel disruptions when flying with Delta.

Keep the following policies in mind and request the airline what they can do for you. Although airlines are not forced to provide compensation, the Transportation Department states that passengers can request it.

Keep your receipts and contact the airline if you end up paying for accommodation or transportation out of pocket. You can request a reimbursement from Delta Air Lines for these extra travel expenses. You can consider about requesting some Delta SkyMiles as compensation for the inconvenience.

5. If you experience an overnight inconvenience, Delta will offer hotel accommodations or compensation:

Delta's customer commitment outlines what the airline will do in the case that you experience overnight inconvenience due to delays, cancellations, or irregular operations.

The airline guarantees to do:

  • Delta will offer hotel accommodations at Delta contracted facilities based on availability, if you are forced to spend the night away from home or your destination due to a delay, misconnection, or cancellation within Delta's control. 
  • If accommodation is not available, the airline will provide you a transportation credit for up to $100, which is similar to the contracted hotel rate.

6. Travel insurance can also protect you:

If the possibility of airline delays worries you, you may want to think about buying travel insurance.

If you have the correct travel insurance policy, you could be able to submit a claim for compensation for expenses resulting from flight delays and disruptions.

Through a travel insurance company you can purchase protection. However, before purchasing a travel insurance policy, it is important to compare them.

For the best policy for your needs, you should also compare coverage details. There are many resources available that will help you to compare policies from different insurance agencies.

Final Words: 

Travel delays are annoying, but sometimes they do happen. Depending on the circumstances and the duration of your flight delay, Delta may offer compensation. But, in most cases the airline isn’t required to compensate passengers.

If your flight is delayed for an extended period of time, you can discuss with the airline about possible help. Consider buying a travel insurance plan to better protect yourself.